Bounding Boxes Not Properly Aligned

I import an asset, create a semantic label, and then try to visualize the output. The bounding boxes are disjointed and don’t align with the object. I imagine it has something to do with the view or position, but not sure how to troubleshoot or fix this.
2022-06-22 13_00_13-Code 2022.1.1-rc.2 - New Stage_

Hello @MontyPy! I need a bit more information from you so that I can direct your post to the right person. What application are you using when you import the asset?

Also, if you could take a look at this post: How to Report an issue with Ominverse and give me as much information as you can, it will help us out immensely!

Hello, can you please state the version you are using and driver?

Can you tell me if that is coming from the built in visualizer or is that coming from the output folder?

On another note this could have something to do with your mesh? is it off center or using alpha masks to hide piece of the mesh?

Problem is fixed - sorry, but I don’t remember exactly how. It was from the visualizer.

Thanks good to know. Please let us know if you face the issue again!