Problem with generated bounding boxes in Omniverse Replicator

Hi, I’m having an issue with some of the bounding boxes generated using Omniverse Replicator (via Omniverse Code).

As you can see from the uploaded image, certain bounding boxes are too large and they cover more than one object, which is wrong.

Here’s the code I’ve used. I’ve fixed the seed so you should be able to replicate the problem.

The problematic bounding box can be found in ‘rgb_0003.png’ and ‘bounding_box_2d_tight_0003.npy’ in the output folder.

Hello @user156715! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.


I have used the code you provided and am unable to reproduce the issue:

Did you let the code run for more than one iteration? I got the same error with other objects after letting the code run for a few iterations. It seems that the bounding boxes used some value from a buffer. See my error here:
Bounding Boxes are wrong. Too many Instances in Bounding Box - Omniverse / Synthetic Data Generation (SDG) - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Running your script for 100+ iterations still produces correct results for me


could you habe a look at this post… Possible Bug: BoundingBox for prims with geometries with skeleton animation are to large - Omniverse / Developer - NVIDIA Developer Forums?

I habe a problem mis wrong bounding boxes to, and this is a real showstopper for us, because our application (a product configurator for the furniture industry) has to position elements relatively to each other, so we have to be able to calculate correct bounding boxes.

Thank you very much