3 monitors on 2 GT 1030 GPUs?

I have two GeForce GT 1030 Silent LP 2GB (gv-n1030sl-2gl) GPUs, and have been trying for weeks to get them to power 3 monitors on my AsRock Taichi X370 MoBo. My OS is Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 19.1 (Tara), and I have been working both with nvidia-settings (v. 390.116) and xrandr (v. 1.5). I have gone back to earlier nvidia-settings versions as well, and have also tried working on this problem within Mint 18.3. Both GPUs are detected in nvidia-settings, although I cannot assign a single Xscreen across the GPUs. (I presume that this is because the GPUs are not “SLI Ready”.) Only one GPU is detected by xrandr (even after running “xrandr --setprovideroutputsource 1 0”). As best I can tell, Base Mosaic requires a single Xscreen. And according to everything I’ve read online, Base Mosaic is necessary for a multiple GPU setup with multiple monitors. So my question is, “Am I correct in concluding that it is impossible for me to get a 3-monitor setup running on Linux with these two GPUs?” And, if yes, “Is this because they are not SLI Ready?”

What exactly is your CUDA question?

Thanks for your response, saulocpp. I am at a loss as to where my question should be posted. I raised this question at forums.geforce.com. There MrInfinit3 responded, “Linux support is offered at devtalk.nvidia.com” So here I am, and the CUDA Programming and Performance form seems to address GPU questions like mine. If my question belongs elsewhere, please let me know and I’ll try there.

It doesn’t belong here. The linux graphics forum would be a better choice:


Your question has nothing to do with CUDA programming.

Thanks, Robert. I’ll post my question there. This topic should be closed.