30bit (10bpp) color depth in Photoshop not working anymore in Windows 1903 on Quadro cards.

10 bits per pixel colour depth in Photoshop is not working anymore in the latest Windows build (1903).

I updated the driver for the card (Quadro P600) to 431.02 but no improvement.

Desktop bitdepth will show as 10bpp but in Photoshop the real bitdepth is only 8bpp as can
be mesured with certain test images.

Seriously this happens EVERY TIME there is a new Windows build why for the love of god can’t you just
fix this???

It’s become prohibitive to have machines used productive to have the newest updates because of your
NEGLECT of your professional user base while it is paramount in these times to have the latest security
fixes installed.

Because of the ongoing hassle with this after every update having to wait for months to get 10bpp support
again because of your ignorance on this I have decided to go back to 8bit for future setups and not bother
with this mess and just use consumer cards. Will be much cheaper, too.

Quite telling that in a time of HDR10 being the thing now everywhere it is needed to abandon 10bit
support if you are stupid enough to be a NVidia Quadro customer.

There is a new drop down at the resolution tab in the driver’s settings where the rendered bitdepth can now be
set in addition to the output bitdepth. This was on 8bit SDR on default even though I updated while in 10bit SDR.

So if you have that same problem be sure to set both bitdepth settings to 10/30 bit and it works again.

30bit now again works on Windows 1903 with Photoshop CC 2019.

It’s always a game of luck if it works after updating and I have had several issues with 30bit not working so I’ll leave the rant up.