340.76 legacy driver "disco bug" in UT4 pre alpha


in release highlights of 343.36 driver we see:

Fixed a bug that rendered very bright garbage data onto some textures in UnrealEngine 4 applications. This issue is known as the “disco bug” by the UnrealEngine 4 Linux community.

I have (and other people has) this issue on legacy products like GeForce 8800 GT or GTS 250 with latest driver 340.76, 340.65 playing UT4 pre-alpha.
(tried older ver. with no luck - memory corrupion… and core dumped)

340.76 display driver was released five months ago - so the question is: will we see bug-fixed driver for legacy cards?

Manually installed fresh 340.93 and still have very bright garbage data on some textures

The nvidia devs will normally ignore issues like this unless you post all the required info, read


The bug is still there in the .96 drivers, The “Nvidia devs” knows about this problem as it have been fixed in the none legacy drivers. It is exactly the same bug. Please fix this!

I agree, this stupid disco bug is still present in the latest 340 driver release (which is actually a none legacy driver) for sure.

Devs gives this more prio!