375.20 caused error bbswitch: no suitable _DSM call found after failing to install

Attempted to install driver 375.20, install failed, then a nvidia kernel error flashed that was to quick to read, then the prompt came up to error “bbswitch: no suitable _DSM call found” on the terminal window. The OS was then unavailable, upon reboot the OS comes immediately to the above error. Unable to boot into terminal as this error comes up first, do not get login prompt, I can’t attach my logs because they are stuck on the drive behind this error, I’m not expecting any help, but if someone sees this and knows a quick way to get into terminal that doesn’t rely on one of the ways I mention here it would be really appreciated, as I have been trying for over 4hrs to get my PC working after what should have been a simple driver replacement. Likely my lightdm service is now fucked, and by the time anyone sees this I will have gone back to the nouveau drivers which are still pretty unplayable for reasonable graphics games, I hope amd’s open source driver project picks up, the only lead nvidia has over amd disappears when you are running linux over windows. New nvidia drivers crash more than they fix, a simple search shows how many unique issues are raised for each release, as for me I now have to either reinstall my OS, learn a new way to get into terminal without access to anything GUI or OS related, or how to mount my operating system as read/write from recovery. Not impressed, and this is the rule for nvidia driver installs on Linux, and they seem to get worse each release.