384.90 stuttering i7-3770 with GTX960

Since upgrading to driver 384.90, I have lots of stutering issues. Tried vanilla installations of Ubuntu, Kubuntu Gnome Ubuntu and KDE Neon to no avail. Previous version of 384 driver didn’t had the issue and a fallback to 381.22 solves it too.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (208 KB)

Just to mention that the problem is still present with 387.12.

You should adjust the subject of the thread to reflect that the new beta driver doesn’t work either.
The logs look smooth, no errors or oopses.
Maybe some checks to narrow it down:

  • does it also happen in other resolutions?
  • tried setting nvidia-drm.modeset=1 as kernel parameter?
  • can you provide a video of the effect?

Ok. Found the solution.

With previous driver versions (below 384.90), I had to use the “Force Composition Pipeline” option to prevent screen tearing. It seems that it is solved with 387.12. “Force composition Pipeline” is probably causing the stuttering effect that I witnessed.

I deleted my xorg.conf file, reinstalled 387.12 and the stuttering issues are gone.