Chromium video stutter in 390.25 in addition to previously mentioned performance issues.

In addition to performance bugs, there is also a new bug which breaks vsync as seen on this makes all video including Netflix unwatchable due to stutter (60 hz instead of the correct 59.95 as before). Let me know if you experience stutter. Hardware is in signature and monitor is NEC PA241w.

In the nvidia control panel the refresh rate is correctly detected as 59.95 hz in 390 drivers, and chromium used to run at 59.95 with 387 drivers, but now it runs at 60 resulting in stutter.

System is Arch Linux with xorg 1.19.6, nvidia 390.25 and kernel 4.15.1

Prime vsync not working due to nvidia driver missing changes for kernel 4.15, see:

Thank You for your reply generix. I don’t think the PRIME sync issue applies here since I am driving the external monitor with a docking station where the displayport is wired directly to nvidia and KWin is free of tearing as is glxgears which syncs up at 59.95 hz.

It is just some driver change that introduced vsync problems as well as serious rendering performance issues in chromium.

I’m experiencing same issue on ‘GM107GLM [Quadro M2000M]’ with Ubuntu Mate 17.10. This problem did not exist in 387 drivers.

I run kernel 4.13 and I have Intel graphics disabled in BIOS so PRIME should not be a problem at all.

There is a longer, more in-depth thread about these problems here:

I, too, am seeing the performance regressions in the 390.x driver releases.

Dear Nvidia,

Is there any update on this stuttering problem? It exists with all 390 versions making them pretty much unusable if one wants to watch video and has more than 1 screen. It has been a very long time since this problem was reported and there seems to be not even an acknowledgement of it.