3dsmax script interface for composite mesh

I am using physx 3dsmax plugin for modeling rigidbody, the 3dsmax script sdk said that they provoide an interface for accessing composite mesh:

<node><MassFX_RBody>.GetRBMeshCompositeMesh <integer>meshIndex <integer>index

But I can’t call this inteface in my 3dsmax script:

rb = $.modifiers[1]
rb.GetRBMeshCompositeMesh 1 1

the script interpreter prints:

-- Unknown property: "GetRBMeshCompositeMesh" in MassFX_RBody:PhysX Rigid Body

My 3dsmax version is 2012 x64.

But if I export the scene by the export tool of this plugin, the composite mesh can be exported to the .repx file.

Thanks for any help!

Yep… I can’t figure it out neither.

Seems like 2012 had a mesh type called Composite. But now in 2014 that type is gone.

Calling for a .GetRBMeshCompositeMeshCount seems to work just fine though.

Not sure what’s up. Let me know if you happened to figure it out on your end.