404 downloading jetpack 4.5 dependencies from sdkmanager

After flashing our Xavier AGX we try to install dependecies: docker run -it --rm --privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb/ --volume /tmp/:/home/nvidia/nvidia:rw --name JetPack_TX2_Devkit sdkmanager --cli install --logintype devzone --product Jetson --target P2888-0001 --targetos Linux --version 4.5 --deselect 'Jetson OS' --select 'Jetson SDK Components' --flash all --license accept --staylogin true --datacollection disable --exitonfinish

But log shows multiple 404 errors:

error: Download 'OpenCV on Target' failure 
error: Body request failed. Server error: 404 - Not Found. Url: https://developer.download.nvidia.com:443/assets/embedded/secure/tools/files/jetpack-sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-samples.deb?RmN43jTdK0-Pbv_cwxR-XMwwQt1KoDJI18ceUQHisT3sSHAzYdQ7TGfcZKbyZW7S0WVXv2OzyJx6H_HG5djnHDcGo0A4B6kg_o0CdD95gInprnmXrUkvbMV38D8qmZPDSH4HIH5B6X2TOP8W0E0czrc5kOoZvxLC4toh9ujwkR27ceH2Kw3dkHzIKJ89eT-Rc5nkADKJ8zDC90Hj7QfQaFh3sJdDmVZbx--DpQExEVPuMVpgMwtQ
error: Download 'cuDNN on Target' failure
error: download failed
info: download https://developer.nvidia.com/assets/embedded/secure/tools/files/jetpack-sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/libcudnn8_8.0.0.180-1+cuda10.2_arm64.deb failed, retrying 1...

Then it fails:

No update is available.
      - Device Mode Host Setup in Target SDK: Up-to-date
      - DateTime Target Setup: Up-to-date
      - CUDA Toolkit for L4T: Up-to-date
      - cuDNN on Target: Up-to-date
      - TensorRT on Target: Failed
      - OpenCV on Target: Failed
      - VisionWorks on Target: Failed
      - VPI on Target: DependencyFailure
      - NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker integration (Beta): DependencyFailure
      - Multimedia API: DependencyFailure
      - NVIDIA Nsight Systems: Up-to-date

  ===== Installation failed - Total 11 components =====
  ===== 0 succeeded, 3 failed, 5 up-to-date, 3 skipped =====

Hi @emessulam,

Please see this message: Nvidia Dev Tools apt repo down?

Tom K

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