495.44 driver regression: long delay resuming from suspend

This is on a RTX 3060 laptop GPU. After updating to 495.44 driver, resuming from suspend has a long delay. The display would light up instantly but show the boot logo for about one minute before switching to the GNOME lock screen. Although everything seems to work normally afterwards.

With previous 470.74 or 470.82 driver, resuming from suspend was much faster, reaching the GNOME lock screen within about 2 seconds.

nvidia-bug-report-495.44-default.log.gz (326.4 KB)

Also tried adding the PreserveVideoMemoryAllocations=1 and TemporaryFilePath=/var/tmp parameters and enabling the nvidia-suspend/resume systemd services. With this approach, resuming is as fast as before, but there will be graphical artifacts over text and icons afterwards. Also, an external monitor connected via DP does not wake up and has to be manually power-cycled. Again, with the old 470 series driver, this also worked perfectly: quick, no artifacts, and the external monitor also woke up at the same time.

nvidia-bug-report-495.44-preserve.log.gz (326.2 KB)

You’re using s2idle suspend, there might be issues with the nvidia driver:

The s2idle related patches mentioned in the last Known Issues section of that page seem to have been already merged in kernel long ago.
As for the video memory self refresh mode of the driver, it wasn’t enabled:

EnableS0ixPowerManagement: 0

In any case, there was no problem with the 470 driver.

510.39.01 beta driver did not fix this.

Since the boot logo is shown, I suspect an issue with the rBAR feature. Is it possible to disable it in bios for a test?

Unfortunately there isn’t any relevant settings in the BIOS.

Please check for a bios update, I guess it’s too old for full rbar support.

This hasn’t happened any more so far since updating to 510.54 driver.

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