525.89 brings back Thunderbolt 3 connected displays flicker and suspend issues

From 51xx Up until 525.85 this issue disappeared and i was not having problems with intermittent flicker or suspend, as soon as i upgraded to 525.89 the issue came back with a bite as the flicker is considerably worse.

As this post: External Monitor not available after Suspend/Sleep - #45 by amrits

The issues are exactly the same and the only difference is the monitor brand, in any case, i reverted to 525.85 to be able to work.

Please have a look into any changes in the driver re-introducing this issue.


I have been plagued with something similar issue. For me the monitors attached to the PC through the thunderbolt, the screen keeps going blank every few mins. SOmetimes they blink rapidly. I have another connection from gpu’s hdmi port going to the TV, and that works fine.
I have a 3080TI card. Do u know of a windows driver that has this issue resolved?

I’m really not sure about windows, because i haven’t used it in decades as a desktop OS. However, what i do know is that this issue went away around 7 or 8 release cycles ago and i was not having issues, as yourself, using the HDMI port didn’t show this behaviour, but, unfortunately, using a thunderbolt connection, directly or thru a dock (and moreover on optimus laptops, like mine) had all kinds of issues “detecting” displays, so, the flicker came and went.

This is also NVIDIA’s fault in the sense that the GPU cannot share outputs with the integrated video card and when you use a thunderbolt output you have to force the laptop to use the integrated GPU. This is by design, regretfully.

Are you also using a Thinkpad P1 Gen2 with T2000?

A close relative, X1E Gen2. In any case, it seems that the issue is widespread for refresh rates > 120hz. Let’s wait for NVIDIA to issue a patch.

Thanks for the info. So you have a Nvidia GTX 1650 MaxQ, right?

So far I have not experienced this issue any longer since driver version 515.57.
But I do not have any screen supporting >60Hz refresh rate.
Does it help to reduce the refresh rate to 60Hz?

In addition, are you experiencing diagonal tearing as well when running at 4k 60Hz on an external monitor?

Since the X1 Extreme Gen2 is also running a Turing TU117 chip, as the quadro T2000, but to T2000 is more performant, it would be interesting to see, since user generix suggested to set it to maximum performance mode.

Haven’t had a 4k display so really can’t tell.

I’ve confirmed, as others in other threads, that the issue starts happening with refresh rates over 120hz. And this is an issue that was introduced on 525.89

I’ve updated to 530 and i’m still facing the same issue (is not as worse as >=525.89, but it still exists) @aplattner is there further work in fixing this issue?, i’ve reverted back again to 525.85. So i can work normally.

I think I have exactly the same problem as you have. Can you maybe try to reproduce the things I tested? Serving 2 displays via Thunderbolt not working anymore with 530.41.03 under X11 & framebuffer - #3 by oroesler

I believe I am having a similar issue. My setup is an Asus G14 laptop running a GTX 1650 Ti connected to an external monitor supporting 3440x1440 @ 100Hz via usb-c to DP. The issue seems to occur only when going above 60Hz. My OS is Linux Mint 21.1 MATE. It seems to occur randomly every few minutes. I have tried different settings at Nvidia control panel without any improvement. My current drivers are 530.41.03-0ubuntu0.22.04.2.

Does the flickering look similar to this?

Youtube link

Yes, exactly what happens, totally random.

Sometimes there are artifacts while the screen recovers, or while a fast transition (like minimizing a full screen window) happens.