6.5 rc Problems

Hi All,

I have no problems with my simple cufft software using 6.0 on many user installations, but with 6.5 I can’t get the software to work on systems where the 6.5rc has not been installed.

As part of my software I’m copying cufft32_65.dll and cufft64_65.dll as appropriate to the target systems, no other DLLs.

Nothing works - not even the basic cudaGetDeviceCount() which returns the error “CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version”.

The system I’m testing is Windows 8.1, GTX 630, GeForce 337.88 driver. I guess I missed something in the 6.5 rc release notes?


don’t you need to copy the cudart dll’s as well? (or maybe you are statically linking cudart, I guess) And the driver version on the target machine would have to support CUDA 6.5. CUDA 6.0 will work on a 6.5-capable driver. The reverse is not guaranteed. CUDA 6.5RC ships with a 340.xx driver. I don’t think your 337.88 driver will work.


OK - thanks. The GeForce automatic update thingy hasn’t offered the 340.xx yet, I’ll stick to 6.0 for now, once the 340.xx is out in the wild I’ll try 6.5 on my poor user systems.