A/B rootfile system redundancy issue


We implemented A/B roofs and boot loader redundancy .
By using below command we able to boot from both slot .

$ sudo nvbootctrl set-active-boot-slot <num>
where = 0 or 1

we manually crashed one root file system by below command.

$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 count=1000

System is able to boot from other partition after random number of reboots.

On what parameter reboot count is considered ? @WayneWWW


hello user131097

note, you’ve indicate the target as bootloader if you did not specify -t option in the nvbootctrl command-line.
please switch between rootfsA/B with this command, $ sudo nvbootctrl -t rootfs set-active-boot-slot <SLOT>.

the default retry counts for bootloader is 7-time, and the default retry counts for filesystem reloading is 3-time,
please check SMD info, i.e. smd_info.rootfs_AB.cfg to configure the settings.
for example, < MAX_BL_RETRY_COUNT 7 > and < MAX_ROOTFS_AB_RETRY_COUNT 3 >


Thank you for your reply.

We kept bootloader count and rootfs retry count as below,


but sometime system taking 3 reboots, 4 reboots or 8 reboots to change the slot and to boot from other partition,when we crash the one of the rootfs partition.

So we need to know on which parameter reboot count is considered.

hello user131097,

please gather and check the bootloader logs in details, thanks

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