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:) Hi All,

I’m new to GPGPU stuff in general, only having started looking at it earlier this year, but I’m delighted that I now have a machine that is actually capable of running CUDA thanks to the MacOS X release ! Should make life much easier.

I was wondering if, in typical newbie fashion, anyone had any good suggestions for getting started ? I am interested in converting some existing C programs over to try and leverage the advantages, but I’m not a software engineer by trade, and I’m a bit stumped as the best place to start off.

Should I try and develop an real understanding of parallel program development ? If so can someone point me somewhere to learn ? I’ve looked in this section of the forum, which I appriciate is new, could someone point me to posts in the other areas ?

Thanks for taking time to help out, I do appriciate that newbie questions can be a pain to those who are experts in the field !

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Addendum :

Also, I assume that it is perfectly possible to call CUDA from Objective-C, as it is fully C compatible or am I barking up the wrong tree with that ? Ta.

Hi Simon,

I think the first thing you can do is take a look at point 11 in this thread.


There are some links on how to get started and that tell you something about Massive parallel programming.

Also the programming guide will do good it will be a bit hard for someone that does not have a lot experience with programming but I also managed to do so.

Good luck with it.


Hi, welcome to CUDA.

I learned a lot by looking at the Matrix Multiplication example in the CUDA programming guide. Then I took a look at the convolution samples in the SDK. Convolution basically means “gaussian blurring”, blending surrounding pixels into each pixels, weighting them with a Gaussian function. A peek at Wikipedia for gaussian blurring and convolution should explain it. (Just remember that ‘convolution’ is way too complex a word. It’s just a pixel-merging function.)

Basically, try to find an example CUDA project in the SDK that speaks to you and learn bit by bit.

I haven’t used Objective-C, but I assume that you can call normal C-style functions exposed in shared libraries / header files from ObjC. I do that from a C++ project - call C-style CUDA functions. It works.

Thank you so much for that guys - that is a really helpful resource list (downloading the MP3s of the lectures as I type !) - and it is good to know that I stand a chance without being a programming guru :-)

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I have to say skip the first 15min of first MP3 I think that was blablabla… Some introduction for the new students… But it was a long time for me so don’t pin me down on it.