a problem of captrue video by usb

I use usb camera to captrue video on TX2 Developer Kit.
In tegra_multimedia_api/samples:
if I only run 12_camera_v4l2_cuda this sample code,not have problem .
but if I run 12_camera_v4l2_cuda and 01_video_encode at the same time.when move objects in video or move usb camera , the video will be a strange problem, it have Random cross lines.
like this:http://crawling.cn/001.jpg

and this :http://crawling.cn/002.jpg
(because your forum can’t direct to up picture ,so use this url,Trouble you to get in have a look).

I doubt my code , usb camera and system too.
but after i use jetpack flash A new system, Try to replace usb camera and use Official tegra_multimedia_api samples code …I collapsed ,this problem Still exist.

I have many TX2 Developer Kit,some have this problem,some not.I even doubted whether it was related to the production batch.
I hope nvidia Official could help me to solve this problem.Anyone who has the same problem, thank you for helping me.

Hi love, please share clear steps to reproduce the issue on r28.2 or r28.2.1.