A2F app stops play audio at remote computer

When I start A2F application at remote desctop connection and activate LiveLinkStream with looping audio, A2F app stop playing after I close remote connection,
To Continue I have to connect to remote desctop, press reset audiofile button and press play again.restart
What can I do to playing with looping without reconnect and reset?

From our engineering team:
This is a potential question to Microsoft. I expect signing off RDP signs of or lock screen on the remote session.

When I return back to RDP A2F working as I leave it early. And same problem is in using headless mode. Screen in there not using, isn’t it?

Some Q&A on their forum.

You need to check how you quit the remote desktop software. Clicking the X and not doiing other thing usually just make the session go into a disconnected state, which the session is still ON, not logged OFF. If the mac client force a logoff, then click in the Windows session the start menu and select Disconnect. The session keep active that way.