A40 display mode ubuntu 22

I have an array of a40s that i an trying to change modes on Ubuntu and what I’m wondering if i use the display mode tool or the smi tool? If i use the display mode what are the steps to use it? Most of the instructions are for windows

The displaymodeselector tool has to be used for it. It’s the same as with windows. To get available modes, just run
./displaymodeselector --gpumode

are there any other dependencies or other work i have to do to activate it? i am using Ubuntu 22.04LTS on one server and RHEL 8 on another

None that I know of, should be standalone, statically linked executable.

I have noticed the cards dont always keep these modes… if you pull the card out of the system does the mode reset… that its only good while the card is powered in the rack?

That’s rather odd, the change should be persistent.

interesting because i will take the system down, power it off and when i come back the cards either dont read or they revert back