About CPU Cluster

TX1 supports 4 A57 cores and 4 A53 cores, can all of these cores run at the same time? or when A57 cores running,then A53 cores stop or power off ? and vise versa?

These two CPU clusters used in a mutually exclusive switch-model (only on cluster is active at a time).

Hi Permy,

Regarding the A53 cores, those are not available on the Jetson TX1 module.
To force those A57 cores running at the same time, you could refer below link to know how to do:


it is means that TX1 is a 4 cores CPU processor,not a 8 cores CPU processor.
what about the TX2? TX2 is a 2 denver cores and 4 A57 cores,can they work at the same time? is it a 6 cores cpu?
and how many DMIPS of a single denver core?

Correct tx1 has 4 CPUs and you can check the frequency using ‘sudo ./tegrastats’ to display CPU usage.
For tx2, you are right and you could view each CPU running status via above tool located under home directory. For more details, you could refer to TRM available from embedded portal.