About flashing and massflashing


① In my experience, when I single flashed (sudo ./flash.sh ${BOARD} mmcblk0p1), it did not automatically reboot.

Please cross check.

② Please check if massflashing automatically reboots.

Production is imminent, so please make an actual cross check.

Thank you.

Is it correct?

I think jetson-nano-devkit-emmc should be changed to jetson-nano-emmc, right?

Thank you.

hello neuezeal,

  1. assume you’re putting Jetson device to enter forced-recovery mode for flashing, after board flashing process complete, it should trigger software reset to boot-up automatically.
    suggest you may also setup serial consoles to gather the details for reference.

  2. correct, that ${BOARD} property should be jetson-nano-emmc in the documentation.
    FYI, your may also refer to your local host for directory, $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/.
    flashing scripts parse the value of ${BOARD} according to the board configuration file. i.e. jetson-nano-emmc.conf

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If flash is successful, then 100% of the time the Jetson will reboot. Not having video output on a monitor can never be used as a method to determine failure to boot, especially on a Jetson, but this is what most people mistakenly believe is boot failure. Serial console is your friend! :P

I have no experience with mass flash, so I don’t know about that case.

Note that part of the flash parameters are for the module used. For Nano that would differ as either being the SD card devkit, or the separately purchased eMMC module. The carrier board is the other half, and this includes board support package differences depending on carrier board (e.g., device tree). A b01 revision development kit carrier board can be used with either the eMMC variant, or with the SD card variant.

Carrier boards from third parties which follow the reference design of the b01 board would have the same board support package (other than possibly having some sort of boot ROM ID change to name the new manufacturer…I have not worked on this so I couldn’t tell you what that would be). The dev kit with SD card variant is referenced as “jetson-nano-qspi-sd”, and the eMMC is typically referenced as “jetson-nano-emmc”, but there may be variations dependig on carrier board, and I can’t say which is which (I’ve only worked with the SD card version on the dev kit carrier board).

Note that when flash is told which model is being flashed that there are “.conf” files related to that name. You can find the conf file for that name and look at them to see what changes between two boards.

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