About H.264 /H.265license

Dear Sir, I found an article https://medium.com/@voluntas/nvidia-jetson-nano-搭載の-h-264-h-265-ハードウェアエンコーダのライセンスについて-ca207af302ee . it was said that the hardware encoder on the nano requires an additional license for H.264/H.265. for business uses. I am a little bit confused. so I want to double check with you.

I’m looking forward your reply


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Please check

It is not specific to Jetson platforms. We have the hardware codec in device but the organizations owns the patents. Once you use the device in business, you would need to pay the fee per device to the organization.

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thanks for you reply .

Vp8/vp9 can be used if you want to avoid software patents. Also, not all parts of the world recognise software patents. As always, ask for legal advice from an attorney.

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Thanks for your suggetion :)