Nvidia Jetson Nano, production phase, Is it necessary to pay "licenses and/or royalties"?


We are testing Nvidia Jetson Nano to use it in a Medical device.

Now, in prototype design phase, we are using NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Developer Kit to install OS and Programs for our Medical Device.

After de development with Nvidia Jetson nano or other of your supercomputer (AGX Xavier / TX1 / TX2), to use your supercomputer in our Production system, is it necessary to pay “licenses and/or royalties” to Nvidia company or any other enterprise?.

Thanks in advance,

Hi gtoirac,

Please refer to this thread: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1015948/jetson-tx2/licensing-issue-selling-product-including-jetson-tx2-bundled-with-l4t-and-self-developed-software/

Users/developers are expected to deploy Jetson with software pre-installed and configured for use in end products, so what you describe should be fine. If you have further questions, please consult the EULA’s included in JetPack or the Tegra Software License Agreement.