About Orin nx design guide

It’s on orin nx board cad.
First, it seems that there is no length matching spec between pairs in the design guide for high-speed signals such as usb, pcie, and hdmi. However, Gigabit Ethernet seems to have intra and iner-pair skew specs. Is it correct that inter pair skew spec does not exist for other high speed signals except for Gigabit Ethernet?

Second, what dielectric height is used for trace spacing?
In the case of wiring at the outermost part, is it okay to look at the height of the part highlighted in yellow in the picture?


Please answer about this case

USB3.2 only have TX and RX pairs, TX to RX don’t need Inter-pair (pair-pair) Skew requirement.
PCIe pair to pair requirement was so loose, it would be nearly impossible to violate and still meet the max lengths. Refer to About PCIe inter-pair skew specification of Orin NX.
HDMI Max Inter-pair (pair-pair) Skew 150 ps.

Yes it’s dielectric height near routing layer.

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