About PCIe inter-pair skew specification of Orin NX

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About PCIe inter-pair(pair to pair) skew specification.

Jetson_Orin_NX_Series_and_Orin_Nano_Series_Design_Guide_DG-10931-001_v1.0 P50 [Length/Skew] specifies PCIe intra-pair skew as 0.15mm, but does not specify inter-pair(pair-to-pair) skew.

How long should the pair-to-pair skew be designed for?
There is concern that modules such as NVMe will not work if the skew between the pairs is incorrect.

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Hi, PCIe pair to pair requirement was so loose, it would be nearly impossible to violate and still meet the max lengths.


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Thank you for your reply.
I understand.

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