Accelerated WebRTC mDNS support


I would love to get more information about the accelerated WebRTC framework I plan to use it on my Jetson Nano.

First can you confirm that if it supports mDNS name resolution for ICE candidates?

Also I found the online documentation:

But its more like an overview of the architecture and there are a few examples, but I do not see anything about the session initiation message flow handling or their callbacks. I saw that there are some binaries but without the source code they don’t help much in the implementation. Can you point me to a reference or developer guide? Or can you make available the source code of the example applications?



There is some information in development guide. Please take a look.

You may build your usecase based on it.

Thanks DaneLLL! I guess you linked the same document as I did. So I guess there is no reference manual for the framework.

Can I get access somehow the source code of the: peerconnection_server, peerconnection_client and video_loopback?

Also do you know any documentation where I can check if the framework supports mDNS resolution?

Some files in the package are released in binary and no public source code. It enables hardware encoding in some basic usecases. If you run a more complicated usecase, you may only can run a software solution. We don’t have much experience in this but see a webpage talking about gstreamer webrtc:

You may take a look and see it is a possible solution.


Yes we are already using GStreamer as a WebRTC interface, and we tried to get an alternative solution to this since the current version (which is available on the JetPack) does not supports mDNS. The mDNS support is added to GStreamer in version 1.17.90 (the current version in JetPack: 1.14.5).

Do you have timeplan for Gstreamer update in the Jetpack?



Hi DaneLLL,

we have the same problem. Our Device has a wifi hotspot and the client will not be connected to the internet.
We would like to stream the camera feed onto a tablet to support camera adjustment.

We have seen that more modern gstreamer has mDNS support. Is there any chance to get gstreamer 1.18 into JetPack? Which gstreamer Version does JetPack 4.5 contain?


Upgrading gstreamer version is pending. As of now we use 1.14.5 and don’t have plan to upgrade to new release.