Accelerating Your Network with Adaptive Routing for NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet

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This post introduces the adaptive routing technology for NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet and provides preliminary performance benchmarks.


The post says that “NVIDIA is introducing adaptive routing to Spectrum switches”.

Let me ask please:

  1. Is this being applied to any Spectrum based switch, e.g, the SN2410?
  2. Are there dependencies regarding the NOS running in the device, e.g., would this be supported on any NOS (SONiC, Cumulus, etc.) or just in some of them?

Thank you.

Thank you for interest and questions.

  1. Adaptive Routing is supported in the Spectrum family switches, as of Spectrum-2 (i.e., SN3xxx, SN4xxx, SN5xxx and later).
  2. Currently, this feature is supported only in Cumulus Linux, as of CL5.1.
    In the future, maybe other NOSes will be considered.

Hope this is helpful for you, feel free to continue this thread or reach out personaly.


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