Spectrum and full BGP feed


I spotted some Spectrum3 docs saying: ‘Up to 1M IPv4 route entries’ - I was wondering if people are using these devices as internet routers with full BGP feeds.

This page says Spectrum3 can do 512k IPv4 prefixes:

This one says 1M is possible:

Probably almost big enough, but not sensible for 5 year plan.

Alot of people using these types of switches as front-end routers are filtering routes. Spotify for instance did a huge explanation of what they do essentially analyzing where their main traffic sources come from and adjust routes based on that vs accepting full routes. The whole thing was presented at NANOG, really cool stuff: SDN Router @ Spotify on Software Gone Wild « ipSpace.net blog

Unless you do some kind of route compression, either BGP->RIB (usually done with off-box BGP best-path and reinjection, for example, both Junos and IOS-XR provide service level APIs to do so, also Spotify and similar), or RIB->FIB, you should not take full DMZ feed (at time of writing ~ 940K IPv4 + 175K IPv6)