SN2100M + Virtuozzo / Virtuozzo Storage SDS?


we are currently in the process of planning a new Virtuozzo (+ Virtuozzo Storage SDS) Cluster. The complete storage traffic should run over 2 redundant SN2100M. (2 x Switch → each 100Gb → 4x25Gb breakout cable - to 4 servers each with 2 x HPE Ethernet 10 / 25Gb 2-port FLR-SFP28 NIC)

Total 6-8 server nodes are currently being considered. Now the consideration (since the budget is unfortunately quite limited) is whether, in addition to the storage traffic, if the normal cluster traffic could also run via the SN2100M. In theory, only LAG / VLANs are required, no other special layer 2 or 3 features. In this case, we would have connected the servers with 25Gb too instead of operating them via dedicated 10Gb switches. Sure - is not the “cleanest” solution - but probably reasonable from a cost / benefit point of view, right?

Am I missing something here that wouldn’t work that way? Or could the cluster be set up like this? (Never worked with SN2100M before - and our HPE Distributor said it’s not possible to use them for “normal” Networking … but after reading the Docs I don’t understand WHY it wouldn’t be possible …?)

Thank you, bye from Austria

Andreas S.

Hello Andreas,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

Based on the information provided, we cannot go into the full details of the design, but there is no reason that our switches cannot be used for normal network operations. Our Spectrum switches our capable for all L2 and L3 functionalities available including OSPF, BGP and VXLAN.

Based on your own design and requirements you can decide to segregate the traffic (storage and mgmt) by the use of VLANs or not.

Thank you and regards,

~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support