[SN2100] Creating static paths (or packet forwarding rules) inside a switch


I am experimenting on multi-path in datacenter networks.
I have 4 switches(SN2100), 2 for Spine and 2 for Leaf switches.
With these configurations, I could create 2 paths only. (Leaf 1 - Spine 1 - Leaf2 and Leaf1 - Spine 2 - Leaf 2)

In this situation, is there any solution that I can make use of one Spine switch as two virtual switches?

The picture shows the ideal configuration.
Spine 1 and Spine 2 switches in the picture are actually one physical switch, and same for Spine 3 and Spine 4.

I tried many different configurations using vlan. I found that the switch can deliver traffic in both paths but the problem is that it select its egress traffic port randomly.

In the picture, for instance, some packet travelling through Leaf 1 → Spine 1 using eth port 1/16 must be forwarded to eth port 2/16 to reach Leaf 2 but it sometimes uses other ports which are connected to Leaf 2. (This was kind of an expected result because the routing table lets it do that…)

I basically followed a guide in ESPCommunity.

Any ideas?

This question will require more in-depth investigation than is possible through a forum. A support request would be the best way to resolve this issue.