i need some expert help. I think the switches setup i have today is wrong for what i want.

Hi. I’m using to MSN2100B switch. I bought these for a solid connection between my storage cluster and Hyper-v cluster. I wanted the switched setup as a load balanced-failover cluster.

But that isn’t done i realized but it worked (kind of) Now I introduce a NAS for my backups and seem to find some issues. I’m situated in Oslo and might need some remote or hands on help.

If anybody is interested I’ll supply with more info on my current setup etc.


Hello Rene,

Hope you are doing well. Many thanks for reaching out to the Mellanox Community.

If you are interested in Mellanox Professional Services to help you remotely with your issue, can you please open a Mellanox Support Ticket through support@mellanox.com so we can reach out to you, and determine the issue and scope out the work what needs to be done.

If that is not an option, then we have some excellent Mellanox Community Documents which can help you out with the configuration and validation of your switches.

Please see the following links



Both links has references on how-to configure your SN2100B switches.

Many thanks,

~Mellanox Technical Support