How to enable Out-of-Order Data Placement with non-Mellanox switches?


We are using CX-5, and want to use OoO data placement for adaptive routing, but using non-mellanox switches (for example, not Quantum/Switch-IB but using Intel Tofino).

In the configuration webpage of Adaptive Routing, it is stated as following:

Adaptive Routing (AR) and Self-Healing Networking (interconnect enhancement for intelligent datacenters) mechanisms in an InfiniBand fabric that utilizes Mellanox switch systems (Quantum ™/Switch-IB® 2 and above) and HCAs (ConnectX®-5 and above).

Here are our questions:

(1) Can we enable the out-of-order receive (e.g., reordering bufferings) for RDMA packets w/o MLX switches? If yes, is it supported by default or how can we enable it?

(2) In the configuration of AR (adaptive routing), we believe we need to specify the topology to “routing_engine” flag (e.g., Dragonfly or fat-tree). Do we need to specify more details of topology, e.g., number of levels in fat-tree?

Thank you in advance to your answers!
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