Acceptable input voltage range for JTX1?


I’m looking at LiPo battery packs to power the JTX1 and a couple of other USB devices. I’m having trouble finding the tolerances for the input voltage to the JTX1. I know the supplied power adaptor is 19V, which would lead me to believe that buying a 5S LiPo would be sufficient (3.7 * 5 = 18V max, 3.1*5 = 15.5V min). Does anyone know the input voltage range?


Found it!

looks like the datasheet says: main power in : 5.5-19.6V, 4A max. I’ll be buying a 4S LiPo ( 12.4-14.8V ).

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On the JTX1 kit carrier board spec I see table 25, page 29 listing for VDD_IN, which corresponds to the power jack. This lists a range of 5.5-19.6V at approximately 4000mA.

What might be more interesting for your case is which voltage is most efficient, which isn’t listed…but typically this higher voltage would be more efficient depending on power design.

good point, and for the price difference, i think the 4s lipo battery is a better choice.