Maxmum input voltage used in the Jetson TX1

I am using Jetson TX1 for license plate detection in the school buses. On the bus, I am only getting 24V input. I need to step down this to 5V to give input to Jetson. So I bought a DC-DC 12V/24V to 5V 4A Buck Converter Voltage Regulator Step Down Power Supply. But when I checked the output of the regulator in DSO, the voltage is varying between the max voltage of 5.46 and the minimum voltage of 4.96. The average voltage is 5.12. Can i use this regulator to power the jetson since the max voltage is 5.46? and for license plate recognition 5V 4A is enough? Please mention max input voltage jetson can withstand (through the dc jack)

Is this really a TX1? Specifically, is this a TX1 dev kit such as shown here:

If this is an NX model, then voltages change, but a TX1 won’t run with just a 5V source. Note that the dev kit has a max voltage of around 19.6V and comes with a 19V adapter. A Jetson Nano dev kit being powered over the micro-USB would run at 5V, but needs good regulation.

Jetson nano is what I am using. I want to give power through the dc jack.

You would use the same voltage that an older (USB2 or slower) jack would use, which is 5V. I don’t know off the top of my head what the “legal” power range is for that (so far as I know the Nano uses that voltage on both the micro-USB and barrel jack…other Jetsons can use up to 19.6V, but I think that would destroy a Nano…someone correct me if I am wrong). There is a protection diode in the barrel jack which might drop voltage very slightly, e.g., 0.2V, so I am thinking that barrel jack supply might be good at 5.2V (5V + 0.2V). The real key here is that the voltage must be stable as load is added or removed (if not, then it’ll reboot or shut down for no “obvious” reason).

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Hi, the input voltage to module is requested in the range of 4.75 ~ 5.25v. You should measure the voltage at the input point on the nano.

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