Battery options for TX1 SOM

What kind of battery options are recommended for powering the Jetson TX1 / TX2 SOMs? Preferably the smallest form factor, and capable of powering the GPU at the higher end of the power usage spectrum for at least an hour? What are the maximum voltage requirements to power the SOMs?

Hi, the power consumption and input voltage range are in module datasheet. Power input: 5.5V ~ 19.6V; Module Power: 6.5W(TX1)/7.5W(TX2) ~15W. You can choose the battery accordingly.

Thanks for the reply @Trumany.

Would it be acceptable to use a low voltage Lithium ion battery at, say, 3.6V, and use a boost converter to ramp the voltage up to 8V or so for use with the TX1?

Sure, it it ok.