Custom power supply for the Jetson Tx1 Developer Kit

I’m trying to make a custom power supply for the jetson Tx1 developer kit and I’m not entirely sure about its power requirements. Based on the adapter that comes with the developer kit, and the power requirements of the Tx1 itself, is it true that anything between 5.5-19.5 V that provides 90 W will suffice? Does the entire module actually consume that much power under normal operating conditions?

I can’t give a complete answer. Keep in mind that the 90W includes an optional hard drive on the SATA port, a PCIe card which might consume significant power, and all USB devices combined (including USB hard drives). Personally I couldn’t image over 30W even peaked out for the actual Jetson. You’ll see a typical average of 7.5W in a “normal” state, and often 15W stated for under heavy load.

At the moment of power on you might need a large capacitor near the connector…despite the wide operating range the voltage used needs to not drop under current spikes at the moment of power on.