Jetson Tx2 Power requirements for custom adapter

For our test experiments with the Tx2 (Developer kit, not sure if that matters) we have to use our own power adapter because net voltage is not available within this product. The safety guide of the Jetson Tx2 mentions the Jetson Power Rating as
5.5VDC:14.5A ~ 19.6VDC:4.74A.
We have a power source that delivers 24 V, so we will design our custom adapter for it.
Is this indeed the safe voltage range for us to use, or is there some tolerance as well? And if we design an adapter for said power rating range, is that guaranteed to be safe in terms of input for the Tx2?

Thanks in advance for clarification on the matter!


Hi, it is safe if custom power supply is in the range, and also power supply MUST be in the range.

Hi Trumany,
So 24VDC safe for Tx2 Developer kit ? or better use 12VDC:5A?

No, the safe range is 5.5V ~ 19.6V as said.