Accessing Gpio using QT Creator with Jetson nano

// Handles input and output

#include <iostream>

// For delay function

#include <chrono>

// Handles threads of program execution

#include <thread>

// Signal handling

#include <signal.h>

#include <JetsonGPIO.h>

// Pin Definitions

int led_pin = 7;

// Flag to determine when user wants to end program

bool done = false ;

// Function called by Interrupt

void signalHandler ( int s){

done = true ;


int main() {

// When CTRL+C pressed, signalHandler will be called

// to interrupt the programs execution

signal (SIGINT, signalHandler);

// Pin Definitions


// LED pin gets set to high initially

GPIO::setup(led_pin, GPIO::OUT, GPIO::HIGH);

std::cout << "Press CTRL+C to stop the LED" << std::endl;

int curr_value = GPIO::HIGH;

// Blink LED every 0.5 seconds

while (!done) {


curr_value = GPIO::HIGH;

GPIO::output(led_pin, curr_value);

std::cout << "LED is ON" << std::endl;


curr_value = GPIO::LOW;

GPIO::output(led_pin, curr_value);

std::cout << "LED is OFF" << std::endl;



return 0;


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