Action Graph to Move Custom Robot Using ROS navigation

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a project for ROS navigation using NVIDIA Isaac simulator simulation and a custom three-wheeled omnidirectional cart. I’m using this particular model from GitHub GitHub - YugAjmera/omni3ros_pkg: A ROS Package for three-wheeled omnidirectional robots.
So far, I have managed to load the URDF file of the robot into the Isaac Simulator,and I can control the robot movement through teleop_twist_keyboard. But I encountered difficulties when navigating like Carter. After running the launch file, there is no map in the Fixed Frame in rviz, and the model of the robot cannot be loaded successfully.
Here is a picture of my Action Graph:

Please let me know if you need any more information or clarification about my issue. I’m looking forward to your help and insights.

Hi @fmy553 - Have you reviewed this ROS Navigation document?

Yes, I have read this document and now I have successfully linked to ROS, and I can subscribe to the navigation topic in ROS, but the car cannot reach the target point after I set it.
Here is a picture of my rostopic list and RVIZ:

Hi @fmy553 , were you able to solve your issue? In the image shared later, it seems that the map and robot have loaded correctly. Were all the topics publishing and subscribing as expected?