ActionGraph node "On Playback Tick" not working properly

I’m using the ActionGraph node On Playback Tick. I need the output time, the documentation says The global playback time in seconds but the time is cycling and repeating the same values every 3 or 4 seconds. Is it the expected behaviour? How can I get the time within the ActionGraph?

That is the animation time, when it reaches the end of the frame range it loops to beginning. If you want your local system time you could likely a script node.

In my case i was able to use “On Tick” node that holds also the “Absolute Simulation Time(seconds)”.

Alternatively with the “Script Node” with for example the following code one may obtain a similar result:

def setup(db):
state = db.internal_state
state.num = 0

def compute(db):
state = db.internal_state
state.num = state.num+db.inputs.delta_sec
db.outputs.my_output_attribute = state.num

Screenshot from 2023-05-02 11-21-56

I found also that in the isaac sim core nodes there is an “Isaac Read Simulation Time” which did not show an updated time when starting the playback.

I had both omni.isaac.core and omni.isaac.core_nodes extensions enabled and autoloaded.

Here is my tests log which appears to be passing all single ongs tests but failing at the end:

test.log (23.5 KB)

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