Active Optical Cable for 40GbE cards

Hi all,

I’m looking for a 20m Active Optical Cable to connect two Connect-X 3 EN MCX313A-BCBT cards.

The Mellanox cable page suggests a 40GbE, 40Gb/s, Active Optical Cable MC2210310-020. But it’s out of stock everywhere I’ve looked.

It has very similar specs to the FDR, 56Gb/s, Active Optical Cable MC2207310-020. That item is in stock most places online.

Would that cable be comparable to the 40GbE in terms of function and performance?

Is there another cable I should consider?



Thanks so much for your question. I am working on finding you the right answer.

Hi J. I’ve spoken to people at Mellanox since I posted my question and they said the FDR cable will work. Thanks for looking into it.