40GE Cisco compatibility question

Dear community members!

Qe intend to install MCX353A-FCBT 40G Ethernet card in DELL servers, to

connect the servers to Cisco DC switches.

The data sheet I have found (http://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/user_manuals/ConnectX-3_VPI_Single_and_Dual_QSFP_Port_Adapter_Card_User_Manual.pdf http://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/user_manuals/ConnectX-3_VPI_Single_and_Dual_QSFP_Port_Adapter_Card_User_Manual.pdf ) states that the card supports 40GBASE-R4.

Does it mean that a plugable has to put in the card in order to provide

standard 10BASE-CR4/SR4?

Could ypu give me the art number of that plugable?

Could you give me cases that are sucessfully tested for interoperability

with Cisco switches?

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Chris, I was just trawling through the questions on this site and found your question about interoperability between Cisco and Mellanox switches. This problem is now solved by the introduction of Mellanox LinkX Cisco compatible cables. These cables are the official LinkX types made compatible with Cisco, Juniper, Arista and others and will be launched on June 8th 2015 in EMEA (following shortly after in Asia and USA). The cables will be available through usual Mellanox channel partners.

ProLabs (UK) Ltd and Mellanox have partnered to bring this new product line to the market.

If you want further info please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Steve Burke

VP Sales

Prolabs (UK) Ltd


stephen.burke@prolabs.com mailto:stephen.burke@prolabs.com


I’m testing the 40GbE connection with a normal FDR cable with Cisco Nexus 5672.

You have to enable this on the cisco:

service unsupported-transceiver

n5672a# show int e2/5 transceiver details


transceiver is present

type is QSFP Unknown Type-(unknown)

name is Mellanox

part number is MC2207312-005

revision is A2

serial number is

nominal bitrate is 14100 MBit/sec

Link length supported for copper is 5 m

cisco id is –

cisco extended id number is 0