Adding materials to objects generated using python extension

I’m working on a procedual forest generator extension for Isaac sim.
And I can’t find any documentation on how to apply materials to objects (in this case the procedually generated ground) using python.

Loading materials with .usd files works fine. So I’m thinking I could load the material with an .usd file and then just apply it to the ground mesh but how?

Does anyone have any idea or am I in a dead end here?

Hi @DiscoFlower8890 - Unfortunately, as of now, Isaac Sim does not provide a direct python API to apply materials to objects. The materials are typically defined in the USD files.

However, you can create a workaround by creating a template USD file with the desired material applied to a dummy object. Then, in your python script, you can generate a new USD file for each object in your scene, replacing the dummy object with the actual object geometry.

Hi @rthaker
Yeah, that’s what I figured. I can see why there wouldn’t be much use for it. Only real use being my case where the mesh is completely procedual. Tho it would be nice. :)

I’ll give the workaround a try.

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