After Flash Custom Kernel Image reboot failed

Hi everyone,

I try to download and compile kernel source, and flash follow the guide:

But When I flash kernel image follow steps of section “Flash Custom Kernel Image”, after reboot there is an error when booting: “[FAILED] Failed to start Resize SD Card root partition and filesystem.” and halted with “Host read timeout at address 5458045c” print

Does anyone know what’s problem?
I appreciated for any suggestion

Do you modify anything in kernel source?

If not, do you remember to add extra version “-tegra” during compilation?

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your reply

I didn’t modify anything, I just lost one step…:P

Execute the following commands to install the kernel modules:
$ sudo make ARCH=arm64 O=$TEGRA_KERNEL_OUT modules_install \

now the system can boot success. but [FAILED] Failed to start Resize SD Card root partition and filesystem still exist.

Hi zhaoxiang,

This should not be a fatal error. It is known warning message.