Jetson Tegra K1 won't boot after flashing

Jetson Tegra K1 won’t boot after flashing

I downloaded the Tegra124_Linux_R19.2.0_armhf.tbz2 and Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_R19.2.0_armhf.tbz2 from

After this I flashed the Jetson according to the description there :

./ -S 8GiB jetson-tk1 mmcblk0p1

All went well : no errors whatsoever, but after rebooting the jetson now gives a kernel panic saying :

Cannot open root device “mmcblk0p1” or unknown-block(179,1): error -6

Any ideas ? I can’t find anything wrong in what I did so I wonder if it may be a bug in the bootloader settings ?


Hi, I have reflashed mine a couple of times and have not encountered this error.

However: did you remember to build the rootfs?

Your bootloader settings look okay, and the only two things I can think of would have to do with either a defective eMMC (onboard MMC) or didn’t put the rootfs in the right place. From the directory where you ran the flash utility, see also the jetson-tk1.conf file.

I did rebuild the rootfs : it is there.

But I also edited the jetson-tk1.conf and changed the EMMCSIZE as I (wrongly) assumed this was recommended in the release notes. However this turns out to be the physical size of the on board storage and NOT the partition size ! Stupid of me.

I am now flashing again and hope for the best …


I flashed it again and it works fine now !

Sorry for wasting your time …