Jetson Tegra K1 bootloader issue - linux not booting

I am working with a Jetson TK1 board which was acquired a few days after it was launched, but which I am the first to turn on (a week ago).

I followed the instructions for starting it up - connect HDMI (direct, no converter), USB keyboard with dock for mouse and then power it up. The Jetson turns on, fan spins, and bootloading sequence begins, but it gets stuck and the OS doesn’t boot. I tried different screens and also with a vga converter, with no success.

See details in this image of the output on the display:[url][/url]

It seems others on this forum had this issue, but happened to them after re-flashing with wrong options. This is not my case, since the board is in its original state from NVIDIA.

Any ideas?

What ever came with the board, is old. So do flash the latest (or at least 19r3) release there. If flashing 19r3, do make specify a big partition with flashing.

Based on the image you showed, I think it’s trying to mount an external rootfs, which sounds a bit odd.

One additional note: It is trying to boot to mmcblk1p1. This should never be the case with a unit directly from manufacturer. This mmcblk1p1 refers to the SD card, and should instead arrive mmcblk0p1 (eMMC). Assuming you flash be sure it is mmcblk0p1, not mmcblk1p1.

I followed the default instructions for flashing the latest release and the board booted correctly. Thank you both for your prompt responses and clarifying answers. Kudos!

Now that I got past confirming that it works and logging in, I am checking out the Jetpack for TK1. Do I need to make any additional preparations for the re-flashed out-of-the-box board in order to install this development pack, or can I just go for it?
Thank you in advance!

Flash has no requirement, as it completely wipes the installed Jetson.