Jetson Tk1 not booting after flashing

I am trying to flash Tegra-k1 by following commands used in link

It’s not getting any error, but its not booting.
While flashing I have connected USB between host and tegra k1 with power supply to Tegra-K1.

Any Idea what I am missing?


The link is broken, the last dot is not needed.

I think if your problem is in the first step where you have to flash your Jetson with L4T, try better to install the last version r21.2 and follow this steps

When you fix the boot, then you can try to activate the driver following the steps described by e-consystems from your link where it says ‘Enabling HID support’.

And for enabling usb 3.0 following just the steps derived from the Jetson wiki, would be enough, at least was enough in my case No need of flashing or changing the bootloader to U-boot as e-consystem describes.