[AGX] device-tree: Must the port-index of VI be identical to the port-index of NVCSI?


I’ve a setup where a CSI stream from NVCSI port A (port-index 0) is connected to VI stream 2 (port-index 2) - bus-width is 4 for NVCSI and VI. This is the identical setup of the example from the NVidia documentation: Port Binding. A device node (/dev/video2) is created.

But when I look at the graphic of the documentation: Port Index it seems to me that the NVCSI port 0 (I presume that the left green block is NVCSI) hard connected to the VI stream 0 (I presume that the right green block is VI).

My setup (/dev/video2) doesn’t stream, so I’m trying to investigate my issue.

The question is: Is it possible that any of the VI stream is connectable to any NVCSI port (in the device-tree)?

Thanks for clarification!

BTW: Is there any connection between the index of the video device node (/dev/video2) and the VI stream index - VI stream 2 in my case? So that /dev/videoX is always the X stream of VI?

hello hwbslr,

you must have correct NVCSI port and VI stream mappings.
please check this discussion thread, Topic 69753 for reference.

for example,
you should configure CSI-A/B for using 4-lane and sink to VI stream-0.
since there’re only 5 VI streams, the last two CSI bricks, each CSI-E/F and CSI-G/H share a single VI stream.

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