AGX Devkit shuts down dmesg log attached

log.txt (79.3 KB)
any ideas how to prevent the robot from shutting down?

This is not a useful log. No error log found there.

You need to check what error is printed from your serial console instead of dumping a dmesg here.

I’d agree with serial console log, but seeing regulators involved, and knowing cameras can consume significant power, I have to wonder if the camera is self-powered, or if it draws power from the Jetson? If there is any way to prevent the camera from drawing power off the Jetson it would be a good test (even if you cannot permanently stop powering from the Jetson, I think this would be a good start in testing by isolating power consumption).

Yes, as linuxdev’s comment here, You need to clarify whether it is a “shutdown” issue or a “reboot” issue.

A sudden reboot means some software goes wrong and lead to kernel panic and then reboot.

A “shutdown” means unstable power. If it is unstable power case, none of log might help.

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