Sudden shutdown of Jetson AGX Xavier with two cameras

Hi all,
I am using the following setup within ROS environment:

  • Jetson AGX Xavier Dev kit fully configured, with a battery as power supply (LiFePO4, 12V)
  • Industrial PC with Ubuntu 18 connected through LAN to the Jetson
  • Two Stereolabs ZED 2 cameras powered through an USB 3.0 HUB with the same power supply of the Jetson (HUB then connected to the Jetson).

Below the problem I have experienced:
Industrial PC was used as master and a Jetson Agx Xavier as slave in ROS.
Roscore launched on the master.
On the slave terminal, the zed_multi_cam launch of the zed-ros-example package was used to launch two zed 2 cameras and their respective display on RVIZ (shown via a screen connected to the HDMI connector of the Jetson). The launch file has been modified by correcting the name of the cameras, their position, and the type of cameras used (both cameras have been set as zed2, in the default settings one was set to zed2 and one zed). A few seconds after launching and viewing it on Rviz, the Jetson turns off.

All the devices are powered thought the same battery, with common GND.
What could be the problem?
Is there any way to find any log file in the Jetson to check which was the cause of the shutdown?


hello m.pacini,

you may setup serial console to gather the logs.
please refer to Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit User Guide, you may enable J501 to use Micro-USB connector provides access to the UART console.

please also narrow down the issue,
for example, could you please connect the power-supply to AC instead of a battery.

no, I cannot use AC power-supply because the Jetson is installed on a mobile Rover.
Any suggestion about the power requirements?

hello m.pacini,

you may setup serial console to gather the logs, please share failure messages for reference,

hello m.pacini,

following above,
you may also enable one terminal and use the command, i.e. $ dmesg --follow for checking kernel status immediately.

another update on my issue:
I verified that there are no records in the syslog at the shutdown time. Are they saved within a time interval?

  • If I use AC power-supply (the one included in the AGX box) that has 19.5V, the board doesn’t shut down with any script running.
  • I tried to increase the DC supply voltage from 12VDC to 15VDC. For now I have not experienced sudden shutdowns (3 day of tests).
    Is it possible that the shutdown is due to an excessive current in the circuit boards, due to a lower DC supply voltage with the same power? (even if the minimum DC voltage input from datasheet is lower than 12, 9 to 20)

hello m.pacini,

it should be power related issue, may I know what’s the use-case you’re running with.
you may also checking with tegrastats utility to gather memory and processor usage reports for reference.