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I have AGX Xavier compute model (32GB) with carrier board X221 (Auvidea), I installed rtabmap library and ROS Melodic package rtabmap_ros from source as mentioned in Jetson installation.
Also I have two Intel Realsense D435i to create map for the robot. In rtabmap_ros, everytime when I run the two camera launch for the mapping, after five min. AGX is closed. Firstly, I suspected power problem looking this issue, then I changed the type of power source from 12V,3A to 12V,5A , after reboot I started two cam with tegrastats and I got o/ps before mapping start and after mapping repeated second time, respectively. (pic in below):
before map:

after map:

But even I changed the powering type still I got shutdown issue, and installing rtabmap from source is compatible with CUDA because of the fact that is the optimization of GPU possible, if it’s not, do I have to use more power (12V, 10A)? ( We have another devices connected to AGX) And also I am using AGX wih MAXN mode.
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Realsense camera is resource consuming. If you connect one camera, is it stable and no this issue? The issue happens with two cameras and would like to know if one camera works.

Hi @DaneLLL , we are okay with one camera, do you have any suggestion?

Please upgrade to this firmware and give it a try:
Jetson/L4T/r32.7.x patches -

[USB] New version of USB firmware: 60.13

Hi, @DaneLLL , we are using Auvidea’s carrier board, is it compatible with?

The firmware is loaded for Xavier xhci controller and you can see this print:

[    6.169826] tegra-xusb 3610000.xhci: Firmware timestamp: 2020-09-11 16:55:03UTC, Version: 60.09 release

It is loaded with Jetson modules and not dependent to carrier board.

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